16pcs Raspberry Pi 3 & 2 Model B the sensor module package 16 kinds of sensors


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This is a Ultimate Starter Leaning Kit including bulk of components, electronic modules(without the Rasp Pi) that are common-used during Raspberry Pi experiment.

This is a good Starter Leaning Kit for Raspberry Pi and it is a good value of money than our other Raspberry Pi Kits, this kit contains 16 kinds of different electronic components. With this kit ,we will take you from knowing to utilizing ,you are able to do more experiment , get your more idea into real action without the restriction of hardware and software.

For Raspberry Pi 3 experiment,to help beginners to understand what is Internet Of Things, we have designed this ultimate starter kit which can provide some hands-on experience for internet of things technology and create some simple but useful projects for fun.

Package Contents:

1 x DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor module
1 x HC-SR501 infrared human  body induction module
1 x DS1302 real time clock module
1 x The rain sensor module
1 x Sound sensor module
1 x HCSR04 ultrasonic sensor
1 x The Flame Sensor module
1 x KY-008 laser head sensor module
1 x Photosensitive resistance sensor module
1 x The YL-69 Soil moisture sensor
1 x Obstacle avoidance sensor
1 x Vibration sensor module
1 x MQ-2 Gas sensor module
1 x 315M super regenerative module
1 x The Tilt sensor module
1 x A path tracing module

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